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4th Sep 2017Live Video Streaming Engagement up by 300%

According to a recent data release, figures show that the recent boom in live video is continuing, with live video streaming up by more than 300% compared to on-demand viewing. The data also reveals that 67% of live video is being watched after the e... Read more >

28th Aug 2017Immersive Video Streams Could Break the Internet by 2021

According to recently-published research by Juniper Research, use of Virtual Reality (VR) headset could grow so rapidly over the next four years that it could reach 3 billion hours of 4K streaming. The research suggests that the sector could inc... Read more >

21st Aug 2017A Look at Video Monetisation – How and Where to Make Money from Online Video

There are three main ways that companies can approach video monetisation today – via social platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, using syndication methods and also on their own sites. Most organisations will employ a range of these approach... Read more >

14th Aug 2017FCC Introduces New Captioning Rules for Online Video Broadcast

The beginning of July marked a change in captioning requirements introduced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which covers online video broadcast for live, near-live and pre-recorded video. The new rules state that video clips broadc... Read more >

7th Aug 2017Video Streaming Time to Shoot Up for Mobile Viewers

A dramatic increase in mobile device usage for viewing online video has led to a globally-predicted increase in viewing time of 35% for this year alone. According to Zenith, media buying agency offering insights and intelligence into digital trend... Read more >

1st Aug 2017U.S. Online Video Advertising Market to Hit $27.2 Billion

It has been predicted that the increases in the online video advertising market in the U.S. alone this year could reach $27.2 billion, according to Zenith. In addition, estimated growth could reach $38.7 billion by 2019. Currently, desktop and TV ... Read more >

21st Jul 2017BBC Warns About Development and Audience Issues in VR

Former current affairs producer, and now editorial lead for BBC Research and Development (BBC R&D), Zillah Watson, has spoken out about VR and its issues, on the subject of whether 360° video is really the ‘gateway to VR’ that a l... Read more >

14th Jul 2017Android TV for Operators – A Platform Worth Watching

In a world where online video streaming via mobile is on the up-and-up, and both manufacturers and developers are responding to the popularity surge by bringing mobile devices in line, with larger screens and faster streaming capability, the news fro... Read more >

7th Jul 2017How the Smart Use of Second-Party Data Can Create Higher Value

Today, content producers are beginning to put a lot more consideration into personalisation, tailoring searches according to the data it holds and has access to concerning users and viewers. When personalisation processes are deployed, relevancy come... Read more >

1st Jul 2017Google Preferred Suffers 5% Advertiser Losses in Adpocalypse

Despite the predictions that YouTube would suffer significant losses in what has become popularly known as the Adpocalypse, a recent study has revealed that the top-tier ad inventory, Google Preferred, has slowed by just 5%. Earlier this year, You... Read more >